AviClear™ Acne Reduction in Sarasota, FL

Get healthy, smooth, and radiant skin with AviClear, an innovative acne reduction solution that targets the various root causes of breakouts.

Acne is a widespread skin condition that causes physical discomfort, embarrassment, and low self-esteem. People with acne may feel self-conscious about their appearance and avoid social situations as a result. To make matters worse, it can be difficult to find the appropriate treatment for moderate to severe acne. The good news is Cutera’s AviClear provides a virtually painless and safe method of treating acne. This cutting-edge solution employs advanced energy to address the root cause of outbreaks.

If you’ve tried countless acne reduction treatments with no luck, AviClear may give you the relief you’re looking for. Marlowe MD is a premier provider of AviClear acne treatments in Sarasota, Florida. This revolutionary skin treatment has helped many people improve their skin health. Get impressive results by calling (941) 379-3277 and scheduling an initial consultation.


AviClear™ Acne Treatment Benefits

AviClear offers a range of skin benefits that make it a popular choice among men and women seeking an acne solution. Unlike other acne treatments that only temporarily cover up symptoms, AviClear targets the cause of breakouts. This helps prevent future breakouts and promotes the long-term maintenance of healthy skin. It’s no wonder so many people choose AviClear to eliminate pesky pimples!

  • Works well on most types of acne
  • Gentle and safe procedure
  • Non-surgical, needleless treatment
  • Quick and convenient sessions
  • Minimal downtime
  • Long-lasting, stunning results
  • Reduced acne
  • Smoother skin

AviClear™ Acne Reduction Before and After

Our patients’ before and after pictures demonstrate the incredible skin-clearing results possible with AviClear. Even those with severe acne see great improvements. Outcomes vary per patient.* But men and women experience smoother, healthier, and more radiant skin after AviClear. The best part is you only need three sessions to see a phenomenal transformation.

How Acne Forms and What AviClear Does to Help

Acne forms due to a combination of factors, and it’s unique for everyone. For example, you may get pimples from hormonal changes, genetics, and certain medications. It occurs when the hair follicles on the skin get clogged with oil and dead skin cells. Bacteria then grow in these clogged pores, leading to inflammation and skin lesions.

AviClear is the only FDA-cleared laser treatment that uses light energy to target acne-causing bacteria. It reduces inflammation and promotes collagen production, which helps improve the overall appearance and texture of the skin. Regardless of whether you have mild, moderate, or severe acne, AviClear is safe and generally well-tolerated.

AviClear™ Results*

The majority of clients have had a positive experience with AviClear. They notice fewer breakout episodes, and pimples don’t stay long if they show up. AviClear has shown potential for long-term effectiveness. But as with any skin treatment, individual results vary.*

AviClear Aftercare Procedure

It’s essential to take extra care of your skin and protect it from the sun after an AviClear session. We recommend applying sunscreen with an SPF of 30+. To further reduce the risk of skin irritation and damage, we urge patients to avoid picking or squeezing any new pimples after the treatment. This can cause scarring and hamper the skin’s recovery.

Cost of AviClear

AviClear cost is different for everyone. No treatment plan is the same. We tailor the plans based on each patient’s skin concerns and cosmetic goals. Receive a custom quote for AviClear by speaking with a skin expert.

During your consultation, they will check out your skin, and you can share your concerns. If you’re a good fit for AviClear, we can devise a personalized treatment plan to deliver optimal results. This will allow us to provide an accurate quote for the treatment.

Banish Acne with AviClear™ in Sarasota

Are you ready to put acne in your past and say hello to clear skin? AviClear may be your new best friend. Learn more by visiting Marlowe MD. We are the leading provider of acne reduction treatments in Sarasota, FL. Schedule your free consultation by calling (941) 379-3277 today!

AviClear FAQs

How Is AviClear™ Different from Other Acne Treatments?

AviClear™ stands out from other acne treatments because it relies on light energy to target acne-causing bacteria. It’s non-invasive and doesn’t require the use of chemicals or medications.

There are other treatments for acne, such as:

  • Topical medications
  • Oral medications
  • Chemical peels

While these approaches may help improve acne temporarily, they may not do much in the long term. If you’re looking to banish acne once and for all, AviClear can help you get there.

Is AviClear Right for Me?

AviClear is a viable treatment option for people seeking a non-invasive solution for acne. In general, the perfect candidate has:

  • Hormonal, inflammatory, or cystic acne
  • No history of photosensitivity
  • No allergies to light-based treatments

Please disclose any relevant medical history and current medications during the consultation, so we can ensure AviClear is safe for you.

When Will I See Improvement?

Most of our clients notice an improvement 4-12 weeks after completing their treatment plan. But like any cosmetic treatment, individual results and timelines differ.

Do AviClear Treatments Hurt?

You won’t feel any pain during AviClear treatments. At most, you may feel a snapping sensation, but it’s tolerable. Most people don’t need pain relievers to get through their 30-minute sessions.

Does AviClear Cause Any Side Effects?

In contrast to other common acne solutions, AviClear is non-invasive and requires no medication or chemicals. So, the side effects are minimal. Following your treatment, you may notice slight swelling or redness at the treatment site. But don’t fret—this disappears within a few hours to a day. If the swelling gets uncomfortable, you can apply ice for relief.


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