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What are Age Spots?

Age spots or solar lentigo tend to develop in people over 40, but they can also appear in younger people who have received a lot of sun exposure. Hyperpigmentation, such as the appearance of age spots, can occur more frequently as we age. These marks are caused by an increase in the production of melanin and appear due to a combination of natural aging and frequent sun exposure. At Marlowe MD, we provide laser solutions to help address your skin issues and improve your complexion.

What are the Signs of Age Spots?

Most age spots are harmless and do not require treatment, though some may require further evaluation. Their color and shape can quickly identify these spots. In most cases, these signs of hyperpigmentation tend to be flat, oval in shape, and usually darker than your skin tone. They generally appear on areas of your body that have experienced the most sun exposure. These areas include the backs of your hands, the tops of your feet, your face, and your shoulders. Their size can range from small freckle-sized dots to about half an inch in diameter. Age spots often appear in groups, making them more noticeable. If you require age spot treatment in Sarasota, FL, contact us to learn more.

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What Causes Age Spots?

At our Marlowe MD Center for Aesthetics in Sarasota, FL, we recommend wearing sunscreen at all times, wearing protective clothing such as hats, and remembering to protect your skin even if your risk of sun damage seems low, such as on a cloudy day or while driving. The overactive cells in our skin are primarily responsible for the appearance of age spots. The occasional dark spot, melasma, and sun damage on your face are all due to melanin clumping and ultraviolet (UV) light exposure. Though we know the cause of these pigmentation issues, it is impossible to predict when or where they will appear.

How are Age Spots Diagnosed?

While age spots are often harmless, many other skin imperfections can be dangerous. A diagnosis is essential so you receive the correct treatment. Age spots may be diagnosed through a visual inspection. If there is a concern after the visual inspection, your doctor may run other tests, such as a skin biopsy. This will help distinguish the age spots from other blemishes caused by skin cancer. If the area of concern is determined to be an age spot, one of the skin care specialists at Marlowe MD in Sarasota, FL, will develop a treatment plan.

How are Age Spots Treated?

We provide the most advanced treatments at our Sarasota, FL, skin care clinic to ensure the results you want with little downtime. We offer IPL photo facials, laser skin care services, and more. If you’re ready to improve the look of your skin, get in touch today. Our options include:


Age Spot Treatments in Sarasota, Florida

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