Connie C.

I had a great experience with Dr. Marrs. He spent a lot of time with me and was very thorough. Dr. Marrs spent the time to make sure I understood everything about my visit. He was compassionate and put me at ease. I highly recommend this doctor and this office.

Lisa T.

Great doctor; been going for 17 years with my children.

Maribeth K.

The entire experience was great. Staff very professional and very polite! Went in for an issue with throat/no voice…thought this issue would take several months to correct. Dr Marrs’ course of correction, BAM had voice back within just a few short weeks by following his directions.

Cora B.

Waiting to the minimum. Needed to see Dr. Marrs and a Hearing Test. The time and management of my visit from the time I signed in until I was done was one of the best. Dr. Marrs was detailed and explained very well reasoning for my condition, had recommendation and plan for my care. Highly recommend.

Lori G.

Staff is great. Dr. Marlowe is very caring and a great doctor.

Rick R.

On 8-16-19 I had a visit with Dr. Marrs to check out my plugged up ears. I am 62 yrs old and have never been to an ENT. I found the office and staff extremely organized and helpful. As a new patient I filled out the necessary questions using their fancy-smancy iPads (probably a little confusion for the less technologically savvy). Waiting time was very reasonable and basically on time with my scheduled appointment. Dr. Marrs was wonderful and had a nice calming bedside manner. In short order he examined my ears and used a little vacuum to remove some very large hunks of wax. What a difference in my hearing! I highly recommend this practice.

Anne L.

I believe I will finally get the are and answers I need here. First visit went great. I felt I was listened to.

Roger O.

Dr. Marlowe was an outstanding, knowledgeable ENT. He was thorough and correctly diagnosed my persistent problem in one visit. I would highly recommend him to all.

Hindy B.

Hands down, the best ENT specialist and Audio Technicians I’ve come across in 25 years. Thank you Dr. Marlowe and thank you. thank you Jennifer! Also the staff, every one of you – thanks. Not to mention, Brittney… Thank you too.

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