Hearing Aids: How to Choose the Right One in Sarasota, FL

If you’re currently on the market for a hearing aid, we welcome you to explore your options at Marlowe MD.

Exploring style options and considering how long it will take to adjust to your new hearing aid is essential before you buy one. If you’re currently on the market for a hearing aid, we welcome you to explore your options at Marlowe MD. By meeting with our staff, you can gain a deeper understanding of what type of hearing aid will work best for you.

Additionally, Dr. Andrew Marlowe is a neurologist who specializes in many ear surgeries and is able to offer rehabilitation and other options that the average ENT office cannot. If you are interested in learning more about hearing aid alternatives, give us a call at (941) 379-3277.


Hearing Aids: Before You Buy

Before you buy your hearing aid, we recommend requesting a consultation at Marlowe MD. When it comes to finding what fits you best, look no further than the reputable audiologists at Marlowe MD. One of our audiologists will assess your hearing and help you choose the most appropriate hearing aid available. They will also adjust the device to meet your unique needs. In addition, we recommend the following when searching for your new device:

  • Get a checkup – See your doctor to rule out correctable causes of hearing loss, such as earwax or an infection. And have your hearing tested by an audiologist here at Marlowe MD. 
  • Think about future needs – Ask whether the hearing aid you’ve chosen is capable of increased power so that it will still be useful if your hearing loss gets worse.
  • Check for a warranty – Make sure the hearing aid includes a warranty that covers parts and labor for a specified period. Some offices may include office visits or professional services in the warranty.
  • Beware of misleading claims – Hearing aids can’t restore normal hearing or eliminate all background noise. Beware of big-box grocery chain advertisements or dispensers who claim otherwise. 
  • Plan for the expense – The cost of hearing aids varies widely — from about $1,500 to $15,000. Professional fees, remote controls, hearing aid accessories, and other hearing aid options may cost extra. Talk to your audiologist about your needs and expectations.
  • Consider coverage – Some private insurance policies cover part or all of the cost of hearing aids — check your policy to be sure. In many states, private insurers are required to pay for hearing aids for children.
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Getting Used to Your Hearing Aids

Following your purchase, please be aware that getting used to your hearing aid takes time. You’ll likely notice that some adjustments may be needed before your listening skills improve. This is because your ears need time to become accustomed to amplification. Even your own voice may sound different when you first start wearing a hearing aid. Feel free to consult with Drs. Marlowe & Houle if you have any questions. Additionally, be sure to keep these points in mind:

  • Hearing aids won’t return your hearing to normal – These devices are designed to improve your hearing by amplifying soft sounds, not cure your hearing loss entirely.
  • Practice using the hearing aid in other environments – Your amplified hearing will sound different in different places, therefore exploration is essential to getting accustomed to your new device.
  • Seek support and try to stay positive – A willingness to practice and the support of family and friends will help determine your success with your new hearing aid. You may also consider joining a support group for people with hearing loss.
  • Go back for a follow-up – Providers may include the cost of one or more follow-up visits in their fee. Therefore, we encourage you to pay our center a visit again and take advantage of our service to ensure your new hearing aid is working for you as well as it can.

Regularly wearing your hearing aids and taking good care of them will help ensure your success. In addition, by keeping in touch with our Center for Hearing, we can provide you with updates on the new hearing aids and devices that become available. Here at Marlowe MD, our goal is to help you find a hearing aid you’re comfortable with.

Buying Hearing Aids In Sarasota, Florida

If you’re on the market for a new hearing aid, we’re here to provide you with the info you need before you buy. At Marlowe MD, we’re dedicated to your health and comfort. Request an appointment today and we’ll help you find the right hearing aid to fit your needs. Select and fill out the appropriate form below or call us at (941) 379-3277. Improved hearing is a simple consultation away.

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