Laser Fat Transfer with Beautifill

We offer Beautifill liposuction, fat transfer, and skin tightening for those who want to redefine their look.

Reshaping your body has just gotten easier thanks to Beautifill. This three-in-one procedure is the key to removing stubborn fat and enhancing your contours. This treatment provides near-permanent results that accentuate your best features while slimming your waistline, hips, flanks, and other troublesome areas. Schedule an appointment at Marlowe MD to learn more. 


What Is Beautifill?

BeautiFill is a laser liposuction and fat transfer procedure that uses laser energy to loosen fat from problem areas such as the abdomen, hips, and flanks. Once this fat is removed, it’s processed into “liquid gold” and can be re-injected into areas where more volume is desired.

This treatment is versatile and meant to serve you at every step of the process. As such, you can choose to have liposuction only or liposuction plus fat transfer in combination. The possibilities are great and totally dependent on your personal beauty goals.

What Does This Treatment Address?

Unlike traditional liposuction, Beautifill involves a laser cannula that doesn’t need to be moved much to dislodge fat. This alleviates a great deal of bruising and pain after the procedure, bringing your recovery time to only a couple of days.

What Are Results Like?

Beautifill results can be dramatic. The targeted removal of fat from stubborn areas can be long-lasting; however, maintaining good exercise and dietary habits is still recommended to prevent new fat cells from forming in the treated areas. There is also a skin tightening component to the procedure, however, as your body naturally ages, normal skin laxity can be expected over time.

Beautifill Treatments In Sarasota, Florida

Redefine your form and look timeless here at Marlowe MD. If you want to transform your shape, a Beautifill three-in-one procedure may be the ideal solution. Request an appointment on our website or give us a call at (941) 379-3277 to get started.

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