Sun Damage

Premature aging due to sun damage occurs when our skin becomes overexposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Most sun damage occurs while we casually go about our day. On particularly sunny days, ultraviolet radiation can affect us to an excessive degree. Frequent exposure to the sun can have the effect of reducing not only the texture but also the elasticity of our skin. If left unaddressed, these issues become even more pronounced due to aging and the natural loss of collagen over time. At Marlowe MD, we believe that everyone should be provided with the proper health and aesthetic services they deserve. When it comes to non-invasive skin treatments, we’re happy to offer our ADVATx skin rejuvenation laser.

How Does Sun Damage Occur?

Premature aging due to sun damage occurs when our skin becomes overexposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays. Frequent sun exposure over a long period of time hurts your skin’s natural ability to maintain its antioxidants, hyaluronic acid content, and vitamins. When these components are reduced, our skin tends to develop uneven pigmentation and brown spots. Though the appearance of these skin issues happens naturally over time, sun exposure has the effect of speeding up the process. To help you combat signs of sun damage, our specialists at Marlowe MD are happy to provide you with the ADVATx laser treatment.

Treatments With ADVATx

ADVATx is a new, advanced, and revolutionary FDA-approved laser system that uses two wavelengths and soft pulse technology to heat targeted parts of your body. The system delivers energy bursts in intervals so the targeted area is adequately heated without damaging the surrounding skin. This process emits cooling technology, giving you clear skin without discomfort or downtime.

Sun Damage Treatment Expectations

These treatments typically take less than an hour to perform. However, this time may vary depending on the extent of your skin damage. Sessions can be repeated (and, in most cases, should) in order to give your skin the best results possible. No downtime is needed after most of these treatments, so you can return to your day after your visit.

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Treating Sun Damage In Sarasota, Florida

The health and beauty of your skin deserve the best attention. At Marlowe MD, we’re dedicated to providing you with the wonderful benefits of our ADVATx laser system. To learn more about our sun damage treatments, please request an appointment by calling (941) 379-3277 or selecting and filling out the appropriate form below.

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