CT Scans

CT scans of internal auditory canals are designed to allow radiologists to look at the different levels, or slices, of the skull bones.

CT scans of internal auditory canals are designed to allow radiologists to look at the different levels, or slices, of the skull bones leading from the ear using rotating x-ray beam technology. In looking at these slices, our medical experts are able to assess skull bones for injury, infection, fluid levels and other abnormalities. At Marlowe & Marrs, we offer comprehensive testing services inclusive of CT Scans to help accurately diagnose ENT issues and get our patients back to feeling healthy again.


Preparing For CT Scans

When you come in for a consultation, our doctors will determine whether or not a CT scan is necessary based on your specific symptoms. If a CT scan is scheduled for you, we ask that you please leave your jewelry and valuables at home as any metal can disrupt the scanner. CT scans are completely painless and require little to no patient engagement. You will simply lie down and let the scanner do all the work.

During Your Test

During your procedure, a contrast dye may be used to highlight certain regions of your body. The dye will be injected through an IV. During the injection, you may experience a warm sensation and a metal taste in your mouth. If you experience any itching, sneezing, nasal congestion, scratchy throat or swelling of your face, please tell us immediately. This procedure is done in two positions. For both positions, your head will be positioned in a holder, and you will be asked to remain perfectly still. For the first position, you will lie on your back with your arms at the sides. For the second position, you will lie on your stomach with your head resting on your chin. The scan takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

woman receiving a CT scan

After Your CT Scan

No post-procedural instructions are needed after the CT scan. You may eat, drive, and go about the rest of your day as usual. If you received an injection of contrast dye, you should drink 6-8 glasses of water to flush it out of your system. Your study will be read by an imaging physician who specializes in the interpretation of CT scans. After the test, you will be contacted to discuss your CT scan results.

CT Scans for Hearing Loss in Sarasota, Florida

Treating hearing loss, sinus infections, and certain other issues may require a CT scan to be performed. At Marlowe & Marrs, we offer a range of diagnostic testing solutions to help identify the root cause of your concerns and determine the best treatment course. To learn more about our treatments, make an appointment by calling (941) 379-3277 or selecting and filling out the appropriate form below.

Concerns treated by CT Scans

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